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Melissa Yu
Founder & Agent

About the Owner

Melissa Yu is the founder of SR//SS Talent Agency. She has studied drama throughout her high school education and has been working in the entertainment industry since she was an intern at a modeling agency at 16 years old. Upon high school graduation, she joined the Air Force, served her time, and continued her studies in theatre at Georgia State University. During this time in 2013, she withdrew from school and went to work in Los Angeles in as a junior agent representing clients both in the Theatrical and Commercial divisions. She felt there was a need to come back home to Atlanta, and establish a talent agency with her expertise, and provide more opportunities to her home base while returning to Georgia State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in summer 2019. She prides her talent with quality over quantity and develop them to work in all areas of the United States including the entire Southeast, New York City, and Los Angeles. SR//SS Talent Agency has been open since 2017 serving the Atlanta community.


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